"Hey mate, have you got any wax or a wax comb?"

Nothing will ruin your surf faster than a bad wax job. Your wax could be full of sand, the wrong softness, or it could have run off the side of your board while it was in your car on the last hot day. It could have welded your board to the inside of your board cover, making it impossible to remove. It could be old and dirty and covering up your sponsor's logo when you finally get your photo in a magazine.

Whatever the reason, if you are sick of wax, relax: Waxless Traction Technology is here!

Surf Grip is a micro-engineered, self-adhesive traction which replaces wax on all surf craft. Available to suit SUP's, Longboards and Shortboards, it is also available in tailor-made shapes to suit any marine and industrial applications. The future of traction is here!

No more sand in your wax. No more wax in your car. No more looking for wax, borrowing wax, stripping wax, changing wax or combing wax. No more wax going into the ocean. No more wax wrappers littering our coastal playgrounds. No more having to wrestle your board out of its cover because it's stuck to the inside. No more embarrassing carpark conversations.

SURF GRIP. No more wax. EVER.